Digital Fuel Releases New Features for Managing AWS Cloud Spend

Digital Fuel, an IT business management (ITBM) tool that would provide transparency and control over the costs of cloud environments and quality of IT services, has announced updates to its Financial Intelligence product with new features that would be quite essential for effectively controlling AWS Cloud costs.

The new and enhanced cloud spend management features that come with Digital Fuel v8.6 would represent dedicated tools for automating collection of AWS Cloud billing data and analyzing trends in cloud spending and utilization.

aws cloud“Our Financial Intelligence product is already great at helping the CIO understand and control cloud spend,” said Brett Arnott, Director of Product Management and Product Marketing, Digital Fuel. “With the updates for AWS Cloud in this release we have made it even better. Once an organization starts using cloud services like AWS, usage spreads quickly and often in silos, which makes understanding and controlling cloud costs difficult and time consuming. The updates in this release make it easy to view AWS cloud spend and usage in one place with all other IT spend. And with the ability to inject AWS costs into the IT cost mode, CIO’s and IT Finance will no longer struggle to understand the true total cost of utilizing public cloud service.”

With the new AWS Analytics dashboard in Digital Fuel, the CIO and IT Finance have one place to go to understand the AWS Cloud spend across IT and the entire organization. At a glance the dashboard would provide users with an immediate understanding of the growth in spending with AWS, as well as who is spending the most and what AWS Cloud services have the highest spend.

The solution’s ‘Unit Cost Trend by Instance Type’ report would provide users with an understanding of how cost effective ‘On-Demand’ is when compared with ‘Reserved Instances’. Digital Fuel calculates the unit cost based on actual usage and costs and presents them as trends over time. As the unit cost for ‘On-Demand’ continues to trend up the user can compare against the unit cost for a ‘Reserved Instance’ and use the results to support a decision to transition services from ‘On-Demand’ to ‘Reserved Instances’ to control costs. 

Additional features in Digital Fuel v8.6 include:

  • Cost Model Quality Management with new Cost Model Assurance features
  • ImprovedData Quality Managementwith new Data Assurance features
  • Color coding for objects in the cost model based on configurable categories
  • Link highlighting when hovering over objects in the cost model
  • Manual data upload tracker makes it faster and easier to manage data collection that is not automated
  • Configurable data quality event types and severities make it easy to align data governance to the specific needs of IT Finance
  • Time based filtering to easily review past and present data quality
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