Digital Realty Announces AWS Direct Connect 100Gbps in Seattle and Dublin

Digital Realty has announced the deployment of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect 100 Gbps capability at its Westin Building Exchange in Seattle and Interxion Dublin Data Center Colocation Campus in Ireland.

It is bringing high-paced AWS Direct Connect capabilities to PlatformDIGITAL. The colocation data center platform by Digital Realty connects around 290 centers to scale digital business and interconnect distributed workflows on a unique global data center platform.

As organizations are devoted towards bringing the latest technologies and solutions like the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) at scale, the rapid growth of the digital business is also giving birth to new challenges, as data is occupying more space by becoming denser, heavier and a lot more expensive to get ported. The brand-new AWS Direct Connect 100 Gbps is customized to offer quick access to large data sets, providing high availability, lower latency, and reliability.

Conclusively, clients will be able to move bandwidth-heavy workloads seamlessly and break through the barriers faced due to the size of data. Users can also get access to strategic IT infrastructure that can collect and maintain data with less design time and expenditure, providing access to AWS with super-fast and high-quality AWS network connections available.

AWS’ and Digital Realty’s Alliance

Being an AWS’ Outposts Ready Partner, Digital Realty’s global platform is optimized to support the requirements related to data-intensive, secure hybrid IT deployments. Digital Realty also extends support to AWS Outposts deployments by providing access to around 40 AWS Direct Connect locations worldwide to address local processing, storage requirements, compliance, along optimization of performance and cost.

Photo Chris Sharp, CTO
[PHOTO CAPTION:] “The opening of AWS Direct Connect 100Gbps on-ramps significantly expands opportunities for customers to scale their digital transformation through our global PlatformDIGITAL,” said Digital Realty CTO Chris Sharp.
The Westin Building Exchange and Interxion Dublin colocation campuses would become ideal meeting places for customers to deal with challenges based on data gravity and unlocking the new opportunities with their AWS Outposts deployments when they are integrated with AWS Direct Connect 100 Gbps connections.

The brand-new deployments build centers of data exchange in Network Hubs deployed on PlatformDIGITAL allowing distributed workflows to be speedily scaled and securely interconnected. It will result in minimized operating costs, saving time, improving compliance, and boosting visibility. AWS clients also get instant access to an all-time growing list of powerful AWS services like IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, etc. All the services are offered on a direct private connection that is optimized for high security and performance.

CTO’s Take

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Digital Realty, Chris Sharp, stated that the recent announcement regarding the opening of AWS Direct Connect 100 Gbps on-ramps significantly increases opportunities for customers to grow the pace of their digital transformation via PlatformDIGITAL. He further mentioned that AWS provides its services to innovative and demanding customers from all around the world including start-ups, enterprises that are devoted to take the digital economy to new heights.

Mr. Sharp concluded by saying that the platform by Digital Realty helps in growing the capacity, next-generation connectivity, and coverage that AWS customers require to extend workloads to the cloud quickly.