Digital Realty to Release Service Exchange to Simplify Global Data Center and Cloud Interconnection

Data Center, colocation and interconnection solutions provider, Digital Realty, has announced the release of its Service Exchange – an interconnection platform that facilitates direct, private and secured connections to multiple cloud service providers – including Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Digital Realty’s Service Exchange would simplify interconnection and make access between interconnected services, providers and businesses more flexible, more scalable and easier to use. Upon its launch later this year, Service Exchange would offer significantly greater performance, reliability and security for cloud services and data center access than the public Internet.

“Enterprises undertaking the digital transformation must be able to navigate growing concerns regarding network security issues, changing regulatory requirements, unpredictable performance and escalating operating costs,” said Rick Villars, Vice President for Datacenter and Cloud, IDC. “Digital Realty’s Service Exchange will enable enterprises to tackle these concerns and efficiently manage high-performance interconnections between internal applications and cloud resources in a secure and cost-effective environment.”

colocation digital realtyService Exchange will be made available through a global partnership between Digital Realty and Megaport Limited‘s (ASX: MP1) U.S. subsidiary, which provides the elastic, SDN-based Ethernet fabric that enables interconnection between cloud providers and Digital Realty customers.

“We’re delighted to partner with Megaport to bring customers enhanced, easy-to-use interconnection services and SDN-enabled flexibility to their IT operations,” said Chris Sharp, Digital Realty’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “The Service Exchange creates a simple, flexible and scalable solution for our customers, including those looking to make, jump-start or accelerate their digital transformations.”

Service Exchange offers customers access to multiple cloud service providers and other service providers through a single port that supports multiple virtual private connections (‘Virtual Cross Connects’) to service providers and data centers.  Customers can actively manage their Virtual Cross Connects through MarketplacePORTAL, Digital Realty’s online customer platform, and scale the bandwidth of their connections up or down as needed.

Digital Realty’s Service Exchange will be available in 24 data centers across 15 markets by mid-year 2017, beginning with Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Ashburn, VA in the fourth quarter of 2016. Service Exchange will be available in London and Phoenix in the first quarter of 2017, and in Amsterdam, Dublin, Miami, Singapore and Portland in the second quarter of 2017.