Infosys and Daimler have announced a strategic partnership to launch a new Automotive Digital Technology and an Innovation Center in Germany. The center can be found in Stuttgart, Germany, and is intended to drive innovation and hybrid cloud deployments in the automotive industry.

IT and automotive experts are now being brought together in Germany. This center will be all about sharing knowledge, innovation, and skills. The partnership will also lead to Daimler moving their automotive IT infrastructure experts from the Daimler AG to the new innovation center. The main goal is to encourage more growth for the German automotive sector by giving customers the necessary tools to meet the demand for electric vehicles.


Infosys has its sights set on becoming the gold standard for Germanys automotive companies. They want to standardize the adoption of technology and offer training along with innovation labs. The focus will be on transforming the industry and providing the necessary infrastructure for advanced technologies including electrification, artificial intelligence, and automation.

The new center would show the commitment from Infosys when it comes to sustainability. Even the data center will run on 100% renewable energy with no water consumption. This new partnership with Daimler allows for easier moves and standardization as ambitions to reach Net Zero may be achieved.

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Photo Salil Parekh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Infosys
“The Digital Technology and Innovation Center in Stuttgart will provide a wide range of benefits for both Infosys and the German automotive sector,” said Salil Parekh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Infosys.

A Multi-Cloud, Carbon Neutral Approach

The new Innovation Center will promote a carbon-neutral, multi-cloud approach for IT infrastructure transformation. It will leverage the Infosys Cobalt and other Infosys services, platforms, and solutions. The cloud approach will help to create an anytime, anywhere type of workplace for now and for the future.

Infosys gains the opportunity through the center to help transform Daimler and turn them into an industry leader. This will benefit Infosys, as well, by allowing manufacturers to use the Infosys IP and tools to grow during this big transformation in the automobile sector.

Quite some top executives working for Daimler and Infosys seem to be thrilled about this new partnership. It’s believed that this is the wave of the future and will lead to new innovation, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable growth.

“As software becomes modular and IT infrastructure continues to scale, Daimler will take three simultaneous steps to transform its IT landscape: consolidation, scaling and modernization,” said Jan Brecht, Chief Information Officer, Daimler and Mercedes-Benz. “Through establishing the Infosys Automotive and Mobility GmbH in Germany, Infosys is committed to grow with us in the automotive industry and provide exciting career opportunities for our employees. The center will also set new standards for cloud and infrastructure services in the automotive industry. We’re delighted that through this partnership, Daimler will strengthen its overall technology investment and partnership strategy.”

Infosys: Supporting the German Automotive Industry

A global leader in digital services and consulting, Infosys helps clients in more than 50 countries with digital transformation. They have more than four decades of experience with helping clients through their digital journey. With an AI-powered core and agile digital at scale, Infosys can actually help enable changes that can lead to higher levels of performance.

“The Digital Technology and Innovation Center in Stuttgart will provide a wide range of benefits for both Infosys and the German automotive sector,” said Salil Parekh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Infosys. “By bringing together the formidable skills and expertise across Germany, this center will support Daimler in its hybrid multi-cloud and AI-driven digital transformation journey to scalability. It will also provide a cloud architecture blueprint for other German manufacturers to emulate as they move through a period of resilient IT transformation. Amidst the rising demand for electric cars, we’re committed to supporting the German automotive industry as it addresses these changes in behavior.”