DigitalOcean Unveils Kubernetes Product for Running Containerized Applications in the Cloud

DigitalOcean, a global cloud platform for developers and their teams, has announced its DigitalOcean Kubernetes product – an ‘easy’ way to run containerized applications in the cloud. Designed for developers and businesses who want “a simple way” to deploy and manage container workloads, DigitalOcean Kubernetes would remove the headache involved in setting up, managing and securing Kubernetes clusters.

By offering Kubernetes integrated with DigitalOcean’s core product suite – which includes Compute Servers, Block Storage, Object Storage, Firewalls, Load Balancers and more – businesses will have the freedom to run their existing workloads on DigitalOcean without special configuration.

“Over the last year, Kubernetes has emerged as the container orchestration platform of choice, and as one of the leading public clouds, investing in supporting our customers’ adoption of containers was a natural evolution to our roadmap,” said Shiven Ramji, Vice President of Product, DigitalOcean. “We’ve always been devoted to providing simple solutions for developers – starting with our cloud servers, Droplets. This product is no exception, allowing developers to focus on successfully shipping their applications while not being burdened by the complexity involved with creating and running a highly scalable and secure cluster across multiple apps.”

Key features and benefits of the DigitalOcean Kubernetes product would include:

  • Dedicated Managed Kubernetes Cluster – Each customer receives their own cluster, which provides security and isolation for their containerized applications with access to the full Kubernetes API.
  • Integrated Storage Scalability – DigitalOcean products for block storage and object storage are built in, providing storage for any amount of data.
  • Included Security – Cloud Firewalls are included, making it easy to manage network traffic in and out of the Kubernetes cluster. Additionally, DigitalOcean will provide cluster security scanning capabilities to alert users of flaws and vulnerabilities.
  • Continuous Delivery – “Simple” integration with popular continuous integration services; developers can “easily” set up a full continuous delivery pipeline in two clicks, providing “faster and more robust” rollout of new application functionality.
  • Team Management – Kubernetes deployments can be a large team effort. DigitalOcean’s ‘teams’ feature would allow development teams to “easily” manage access and permissions to the cluster.
  • Extended Insights – In typical Kubernetes environments, metrics, logs, and events can be lost if nodes are spun down. To help developers learn from the performance of past environments, the DigitalOcean Kubernetes product will store this information separate from the node indefinitely.
  • One-click Integrations – Similar to the existing one-click setups and integrations for Droplets, the product includes one-click integrations to deploy an entire application stack so developers can focus on solving their business problems and worry less about their Kubernetes cluster setup.

DigitalOcean Kubernetes will be available through an early access program starting in June with general availability planned for later this year.

Developers interested in this DigitalOcean Kubernetes product can sign up for early access here.