Dimension Data Launches Three Classes of Cloud Backup Solutions

cloud-backupDimension Data, the $5.8 billion global ICT solutions and services provider, has launched Cloud Backup, an optional backup and recovery service available as an add-on to its enterprise-class Public, Private and Hosted Private Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) offerings.

With Cloud Backup, organizations are able to back up their files, folders, systems,  applications and data to Dimension Data’s cloud data centers to ensure business continuity and protection for enterprise workloads. Starting in October 2013, Cloud Backup will be available on Dimension Data’s Managed Cloud Platforms located in the United States and Australia. The service will also be deployed in Asia, Europe and the Middle East & Africa before the end of this year.

Cloud Backup will appear as an option for CaaS users to select as they provision their cloud environment using Dimension Data’s Web-based user interface (UI) or REST-based application interface (API).

Dimension Data offers three classes of Cloud Backup that address the need for simple file and folder backup, as well as full application, system, and file backup and restore:

  • Cloud Backup Essentials – file and folder backup and restore.
  • Cloud Backup Advanced – file, folder, and system state backup and restore.
  • Cloud Backup Enterprise – file, folder, system state, and application backup and restore.

“Cloud users often manage their backup in-house, which can be complicated and costly,” said Steve Nola, Cloud Business Unit CEO at Dimension Data. “By offering the integrated Cloud Backup service, Dimension Data enables businesses to back up whole applications while providing assurance that historical data is secure and easy to access.”

Other key features to Cloud Backup include:

  • The ability to select a secondary data copy from any backup-enabled and configured Dimension Data MCP (Managed Cloud Platform).
  • Visibility into backup status, coverage and success rates.
  • A choice of pre-configured retention periods, from one month to seven years
  • A choice of pre-configured backup windows .
  • Self-service access to and restoration of stored data Availability and Pricing.

Clients can set up Cloud Backup by using Dimension Data’s self-service CloudControl Web UI or API. Backup options do not need to be configured when clients initially provision their environment. After spinning up their cloud servers, clients can select the service they require at any point in the future.

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO