dinCloud’s New Remote Desktop Services Provide Session-Based Workspaces

dinCloud, a cloud services provider that helps organizations rapidly migrate to the cloud, has announced dinRDS (remote desktop services) – powered by its secured virtual private data center infrastructure. Part of dinCloud’s line of hosted workspace products, dinRDS would allow organizations to roll out applications and desktop workspaces rapidly and at scale. 

dincloud remote desktop services“No matter the industry, many businesses face uncertain growth trajectory and budgetary constraints,” said Mike Chase, CTO, dinCloud. “While certain cloud models may seem overly complex or cost-prohibitive, remote desktop services present a simpler, cost-effective alternative for virtual desktop delivery. With dinRDS, companies can easily deploy multiple, session-based desktops on demand to a group of users without dedicating resources as you typically would for DaaS (Desktop as a Service). This reduces the overall cost for the organization.”

Key features of dinRDS include:

  • Multiple deployment options (persistent or non-persistent)
  • Enhanced protocol and multimedia support
  • Full USB and network printing and scanning
  • Flexibility – scale resources up or down based on company needs
  • Security – equipped with a dedicated firewall and SSL encryption

“dinRDS can help customers simplify their infrastructure.,” said Michael Osterman, president, Osterman Research, Inc. “With added security measures, cost savings, transparency, and portability, dinCloud’s remote desktop services give users the opportunity to take control of their cloud with peace of mind that their data is secure,”

dinCloud’s dinRDS remote desktop solution is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Google Chrome
  • HTML
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Linux operating systems
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