DiscountASP.NET Announces Cloud Hosting Powered by Windows Azure Pack

Microsoft hosting provider, DiscountASP.NET, has launched its Everleap solution, a cloud hosting platform for websites built on top of Microsoft Windows Azure Pack. Everleap is a fully-managed cloud hosting platform that would bridge the gap between traditional web hosting and the big cloud hosting providers.

“A lot of people are staying away from the big cloud providers due to the unpredictable pricing, the by-the-minute metering of services and the charging of additional fees for many things essential to running a site,” said Takeshi Eto, VP Marketing and Business Development, DiscountASP.NET. “So one of our goals with Everleap was to give people access to a true cloud hosting platform but with simple, predictable pricing. Both our single and multi-domain plans include essential services like SQL, MySQL, SSL, email, DNS and tech support, at no additional cost.”

DiscountASP.NET‘s Everleap cloud supports the latest Microsoft web stack so it’s a natural playground for ASP.NET developers, but it also supports PHP. As the cloud hosting platform is fully managed, there would be none of the maintenance headaches that one could run in to with traditional VPS, dedicated or VM hosting solutions.

Control Panel

windows-azure-pack“This isn’t simply a ‘skin’ on top of Windows Azure Pack,” said Frank Cheung, CTO at DiscountASP.NET. “We built our own unique Control Panel, which allows us to add new services and technology very quickly. What we’ve got here is a unique cloud hosting environment. For example, every site on Everleap can be served from two or more load-balanced web servers simultaneously, providing a boost in performance when a site sees increased activity. In addition to instantly adding or removing web servers, users can also seamlessly scale up to dedicated cloud servers without redeploying their applications.”

A Microsoft Partner with the Gold Hosting competency, DiscountASP.NET offers advanced Windows shared hosting and Team Foundation Server hosting solutions. The company’s services are aimed at Microsoft developers.