Discover and Slalom: Automate and Deliver AWS Multi-Account Creation with Scaffolding

Learn more about This Is My Architecture at – Discover needed to standardize and automate AWS account creation in order to quickly deliver consistent AWS accounts for their application teams. They worked with Slalom to create a system that delivers a basic standard account scaffold for every account, including identity management, logging, shared services, and connectivity back to on-premises. The system uses Yeoman, Terraform, and Jenkins along with AWS services such as AWS CloudTrail, AWS Identity and Access Management, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

Host: Toby Knight, Manager, Solutions Architecture
Customer: Scott Peterson, Senior Principal Cloud Architect, Discover Financial Services / Matt Houser, Practice Area Director Cloud, DevOps & Security, Slalom

Duration: 5:50
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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