DNS Made Easy, Constellix Announce Proactive DDoS Monitoring Initiative

DNS Made Easy and Constellix have announced a new initiative to encourage clients to implement proactive DDoS monitoring techniques. With the launch of this new solution, the two companies are responding to the growing threat of DDoS attacks.

Constellix is a subsidiary of Tiggee, the creators of DNS Made Easy, a provider IP Anycast enterprise DNS services.

The initiative seeks to educate clients on methods to keep their domains safe from the effects of DDoS attacks by:

  • Implementing proactive, always-on monitoring services
  • Learning the early warning signs of a DDoS attack
  • Configure fail safes for when a DDoS compromises availability 

constellix dns“We are encouraging all of our clients to take a proactive approach to DDoS by implementing query monitoring and learning the early warning signs of DDoS attacks,” said Steven Job, President of Constellix and DNS Made Easy. 

Last year, DNS Made Easy and Constellix released their Real-Time Statistics solution, a service that allows users to see the real-time query traffic of their domains. This tool was later used by DNS Made Easy to detect the early signs of an attack and determine how to mitigate the attack effectively.

Real-Time Statistics is currently available for both Constellix and DNS Made Easy users for free. Once a client has added their domains to either DNSME or Constellix’s name servers, they will instantly be able to see their incoming traffic.