DNS Made Easy Study: Failover Solutions Save Over $525 Million of Lost Revenue

In a survey of DNS Made Easy clients, it was found that DNS Failover and system monitoring has saved clients over half a billion dollars in potentially lost revenue over Q1 2016. It was found that on average clients were losing $2,500 per hour during hosting downtime.

Over one hundred DNS Made Easy clients were surveyed who had all been using failover. Clients were asked to share the average loss of revenue due to hosting downtime, based on experiences they’d had prior to implementing failover. Surveyed clients ranged from small businesses to large corporations, with larger companies claiming to have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to a single outage.

DNS Made Easy was then able to extrapolate this number and apply it to the number of clients who used failover over the course of the first quarter. The numbers were astounding, according to DNS Made Easy, as engineers found that cumulatively clients had saved $525 million in revenue. This number doesn’t take into account the potential loss of revenue based on loss of customer trust and other potential long-term effects of an outage.

dns made easy“DNS Failover isn’t just about failing over traffic to another IP. It becomes essentially useless without monitoring, because if the backup IP is also down, then your site is still downed,” said Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy. “It has to be paired with system monitoring, which first checks to make sure that the backup IP is online and operational, and then keeps an eye on a user’s primary IP after traffic has been failed over. This means that as soon as the original IP is back online, traffic will be automatically failed back to the primary IP.”

The study also found that in Q1 2016, DNS Made Easy failover services acted in response to detected downed IP addresses more than 315,000 times. The associated downtimes varied from as little as a minute to over eight hours. In total, DNS Made Easy failover services were able to avoid 4,375 days of downtime.

“Too many people think that managed DNS services are only for high risk industries like gaming or gambling sites, however outages effect all industries and companies regardless of size or riskiness of clientele,” added Mr. Job. Outages more commonly occur due to internal errors and configuration issues, rather than from attacks.

Originally launched in 2002, DNS Made Easy’s services have grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 30 billion queries per day.

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