Docker Containers go Retro: WinDocks announces SQL Server 2005 Containers

WinDocks has announced its plans to add SQL Server 2005 container support to WinDocks – a ‘Practical Windows’ container. SQL Server 2005 applications will run in WinDocks containers on Windows Server 2012 with improved security and support, using Docker commands and API. 

“Interest in WinDocks SQL Server containers has exploded since WinDocks 1.0 was launched, and we’re responding to customer demand for SQL Server 2005,” said Paul Stanton, VP and co-founder of WinDocks. “WinDocks currently supports SQL Server 2008, 2008r2, 2012, and 2014, so adding support for SQL Server 2005 is a logical next step. Customers can extend the useful life of SQL Server 2005 applications, while upgrading the host to Windows Server 2012 and benefit from an agile support infrastructure.” 

docker applicationsWinDocks SQL Server containers are based on a port of the Docker Engine, the defacto container standard. Using WinDocks SQL Server containers, organizations can start Docker based development and operations, and align with Microsoft’s support of the Docker API in Windows Server 2016. Industry surveys would show that Windows Server 2012 will continue to grow share-of-usage for the next 3-4 years. 

WinDocks is already used to provide workload portability between on-premise and public cloud. Availability of SQL Server 2005 containers is slated for later this Spring. WinDocks 1.0 is available in two versions. WinDocks Standard includes .NET and Windows application containers.