Document AI

Most business transactions begin, involve, or end with a document. All industries face similar challenges as they seek to extract information from documents—it can be costly, time consuming, and prone to errors with manual data entry. Learn how to use machine learning to organize, process, and extract data within documents. Also, learn about some examples of how various customers have found success using Document AI.

Sudheera Vanguri, a product manager in Google Cloud AI, highlights new Document AI capabilities. Key product themes of this session include:
1. Walkthrough of Document AI building blocks in general availability
2. Showcase new UI
3. Highlight specialized Document AI models pre-trained for invoice and healthcare doc processing
4. Showcase customer examples and live demos

Speakers: Sudheera Vanguri, Lewis Liu

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product: Cloud Document AI API, Cloud AutoML; fullname: Sudheera Vanguri, Lewis Liu;

Duration: 00:21:23
Publisher: Google Cloud
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