Dome9 Releases New Android App for Secured Enterprise Access to Cloud Servers

Dome9, a provider of SaaS-based security and compliance solutions for public and hybrid cloud infrastructure, released a mobile app for Android-based devices to bolster the security of enterprise IaaS cloud hosting services.

The app would enable enterprises with large cloud networks and complex firewalls and security group policies, to reduce unintended exposure to cloud assets, and safeguard them from breach by enabling time-bound on-demand access for IT professionals and employees to cloud servers and services.

cloud-security-dome9The new Android app leverages a patent-pending Dome9 security control called Dynamic Access Leases. Administrators and IT professionals leave at-risk ports closed by default, and with the app, employees self-request and gain access to any service or server across cloud platforms, with a click of a button on their Android devices. The access leases capability is also available for customers via the Dome9 web-based console, for the Google Chrome browser via an extension plug-in and via a mobile app for iPhones.

“Enterprises running mission-critical apps such as BI or ERP in the cloud face undue risk by leaving internet-facing services open to the entire world for remote access thereby exposing themselves to brute force attacks and OS and application vulnerabilities,” said Roy Feintuch, CTO of Dome9. “The Dome9 Instant Access app changes that by allowing enterprises to setup granular role-based access for users to cloud infrastructure elements from the convenience of their Android phone or tablet. It’s easy to use for end-users and minimizes the attack surface for the organization.”

Hundreds of organizations, including the world’s leading service providers and enterprises, actively secure hundreds of thousands of cloud servers today using Dome9‘s platform. The company headquarters are located in Menlo Park, California with an R&D center in Tel-Aviv.

The Android app is available immediately for free download from the Google Play Store.