Dominik Wee presents Relentless Renewal: The power of storytelling

In this latest episode of Relentless Renewal, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Dominik Wee talks with Dominik Wichmann, New York Times bestselling author and Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Looping Group about the art and ethics of storytelling. Join these two leaders in unpacking the incredible power that storytelling has to inspire others, align common goals, and drive monumental change. This is a fascinating look at how we respond to the narratives we hear and read in our daily lives as well as the potential of storytelling to shape reality and influence what’s to come in the future.

0:58 Meet Dominik Wichmann
2:23 The power of community and family narratives to build relationships, master change
7:33 How storytelling has the potential to change how we frame perception of past events and influence the future
13:50 Key considerations around how social media and AI have changed the way we communicate
16:20 How we can use responsible communication to improve our lives and businesses and unify our communities

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