dotCMS Launches Global CDN Solution Backed by 30Tbit+ Backbone, dotCDN

dotCMS presents dotCDN, a fine-tuned integrated global content delivery network (CDN) powered by a 30Tbit+ backbone. The new CDN is built to grow with any project, from a few terabytes to hundreds of petabytes per month. The CDN is developed in collaboration with BunnyWay.

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DotCDN’s launch is in direct response to input from dotCMS clients who need to speed up and protect their websites while keeping total control over their content and customer experiences. Thousands of websites currently use the company’s hybrid CMS platform.

dotCDN would allow quicker content delivery by utilizing a global network of intelligent edge servers and employing real-time analytics based on content and network data – to ensure that its users are delivered material from the quickest, most optimum edge server. Traditional and headless infrastructures may both benefit from dotCDN, which allows for completely tailored, context-based experiences and omnichannel marketing campaigns while maintaining high performance.

Photo Jason Smith, COO of dotCMS
“dotCDN gives our customers an integrated and relatively affordable tool to enhance their websites’ reliability, speed and most importantly, security,” said Jason Smith, COO of dotCMS.

On top of dotCMS, dotCDN would provide an improved security layer that can help prevent cyberattacks and ensure that websites and content are up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. DDoS protection, automated real-time monitoring, geo-fencing, and optional edge-rules are all included in dotCDN and may be used to block or prevent anomalous or undesired requests. DotCMS’ managed platform grows to global-level dependability with dotCDN, minimizing the requirement for security infrastructure and management.

“Businesses of all types can benefit from dotCDN’s high performance content delivery network,” said Jason Smith, COO of dotCMS. “dotCDN gives our customers an integrated and relatively affordable tool to enhance their websites’ reliability, speed and most importantly, security.”

CDN Capabilities

Key CDN capabilities of the newly launched dotCDN solution would include:

  • Always Fresh with Automatic Invalidatations – It might be difficult to come up with new cutting-edge material. To address this, dotCDN offers a procedure that will invalidate pages, content, and assets in dotCMS when they are changed, published, or removed. This would guarantee that viewers always have access to the most up-to-date material, pictures, videos, and assets.
  • Accelerated Site Performance – Users may accelerate uncached queries across regions with dotCDN, which means that even material that isn’t cached on the CDN is kept and instantly available, giving them the highest performance.
  • Serve Files from the Edge – Optional edge storage from dotCDN allows CDN users to store files statically and replicate them over four continents for redundant, always available edge delivery of user assets.
  • Smart Routing – dotCDN monitors users’ content and traffic and may provide users with a variety of routing choices and optimizations to meet all needs and provide users with the best possible performance for each request.
  • Real-time Statistics – From inside dotCMS, dotCDN employs real-time monitoring to display information about a user’s CDN. With graphs and statistics displaying Bandwidth Used, Requests Served, and Cache Hit Rate, users can monitor how much traffic their CDN is getting.
  • DDoS Protection – Many forms of DDoS assaults, including flood and amplification attempts, are automatically monitored and stopped by dotCDN. Real-time monitoring detects problems and instantly redirects users away from the impacted destinations to other CDN servers.

DotCMS is a privately held American corporation with offices in Miami, Florida, Boston, Massachusetts, and San Jose, Costa Rica. It was founded in 2003. Telus, Standard & Poors, Hospital Corporation of America, Royal Bank of Canada, DirecTV, Thomson Reuters, China Mobile, Aon, and DriveTest Ontario are among the company’s notable clients.