Dream11: Scaling Fantasy Sports Platform with Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon Aurora

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Dream11 is India’s leading Sports-Tech startup with a growing base of 40 million+ users playing multiple sports such as fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi and the NBA. Dream11 uses Amazon Aurora with Amazon ElastiCache to serve 1M concurrent users within 50ms response time, serving at an average 3 Million Requests Per Minute (rpm) which can surge upto 3X in a 30-second timespan. In this video, we’ll be shedding some light on our architecture, along with our battle plan to handle transactions without locking. We’ll also talk about the features of Amazon Aurora and Amazon ElastiCache that helped Dream11 to handle 5M Daily Active Users with 4X growth YoY.

Host: Rohini Gaonkar, Solutions Architect, AWS
Speaker: Amit Sharma, CTO, Dream11

Duration: 6:48
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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