DreamHost Brings SSDs to Its Managed Dedicated Servers

DreamHost, a U.S. web hosting and cloud services provider founded in 1997, has expanded its line of fully-managed dedicated server options to include Solid State Drives (SSDs) and high-core-count CPUs. The move follows their recent addition of SSDs to DreamPress 2, DreamHost’s managed WordPress service offering. 

The whole of DreamHost’s core hosting offerings including shared hosting, virtual private servers, DreamPress 2, and dedicated servers together comprise the “DreamServer” platform, all of which are now either powered by SSDs or include an option for SSD storage.

dedicated-servers-dreamhostUsers demanding increased performance promised by next-gen processing power and Solid State Drives can step up to a new DreamHost “Summer Moon” configuration to receive a 12-core Intel Xeon v3 (Haswell) processor, 16GB of RAM, and 240GB of “blazing-fast” SSD storage. Users requiring power and increased storage capacity can swap the SSDs for 2TB of traditional HDD storage on any of several 12-core CPU plans at no additional cost. 

DreamHost offers a range of nine different customer-configurable hardware options, offering anywhere from 4 to 12-core CPUs, 4GB to 64GB of RAM, and 240GB of SSD or 1TB to 2TB of traditional spinning storage. All dedicated servers are fully managed and include RAID-1 mirroring and scheduled backups to prevent against data loss.

“Frankly this was a long time coming,” said Patrick Lane, DreamHost’s VP of Data Center Operations and Dedicated Hosting Product Manager. “Our dedicated servers have been popular for years with users who have wanted more power than shared hosting could provide but weren’t comfortable managing their own cloud compute instances on DreamCompute, our public cloud solution. Now they don’t have to make the choice – we’ll give them a managed environment with plenty of dedicated power to go with it. Boom.”

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