DreamHost Impressed with Performance New Calxeda EnergyCore ECX-2000 Processor

Calxeda, provider of ARM-based server processors, has announced its second-generation product line, the EnergyCore ECX-2000 family, a good fit for the cloud hosting market. Hosting provider DreamHost pretested the new core and is impressed with the test-results.

The new Calxeda architecture would be a good fit for cloud-based game hosting, media streaming, and throughput-oriented private clouds.

The new Server-on-a-Chip (SoC) enables an integrated fabric of high-density servers and storage, and has been selected by HP for Moonshot solutions. The ECX-2000 uses standard ARM Cortex™-A15 cores up to 1.8 GHz, with the integrated Calxeda Fleet Fabric™, 10Gb Ethernet, and standard I/O controllers. Calxeda expects volume shipments to system vendors before the end of the year.

The Calxeda architecture would be ideal for I/O-intensive applications such as distributed storage, cloud-based game hosting services, media streaming, and throughput-oriented private clouds. The new SoC would deliver up to twice the performance, four times the memory capacity, and three times the memory bandwidth than previous ARM-based servers.

OpenStack-based cloud hosting deployments

The ECX-2000 processor enables production-class cloud infrastructure based on ARM processors, and supports KVM and Xen, the popular virtualization hypervisors. Canonical, the provider of cloud computing system software is officially certifying the ECX-2000 for Ubuntu 13.10, including the latest ‘Havana’ OpenStack release.

Calxeda has been sampling the ECX-2000 core to partners and datacenters, including Dreamhost, provider of cloud services and web hosting including VPSs and dedicated servers.“We are really impressed with the performance and low-power footprint of the Calxeda-based storage solution,” said Simon Anderson, CEO of DreamHost. “After extensive testing of the new product, we see great potential for Calxeda in our OpenStack-based public cloud hosting deployments and Ceph-based distributed object storage service.”

Calxeda also announced the addition of a second 64-bit SoC to the company product roadmap. Code-named ‘Sarita’, the new 64-bit ARM Cortex-A57 SoC complements the ‘Lago’ platform, but is pin-compatible with the ECX-1000 and new ECX-2000. This innovative approach would reduce development time and expense for Calxeda partners, accelerating the 64-bit ARM ecosystem, and enabling customers to future-proof designs for three generations of rapid technology innovation.