DreamHost Releases AI-powered Business Name Generator

DreamHost booth

As a worldwide provider of web hosting and managed WordPress services, Dreamhost is a fully remote organization with team members globally. By launching an AI-powered business name generator, web hosting provider DreamHost aims to assist business owners in locating their ideal market, as well as their ideal name and domain.

The first step in transforming a company idea into a profitable online venture is to settle on a name for the venture that is original and easy to recall, stated DreamHost. The labor involved in establishing a company’s basic brand may sometimes be difficult for entrepreneurs, who frequently find themselves juggling hundreds of other choices while developing their vision, the company added.

DreamHost has now developed a tool that not only assists small business owners in selecting the ideal name for their company, but also provides suggestions for pertinent and associated domain names that may be registered in support of their online endeavor.

Suite of Applications

According to Brian Glassman, who is the Director of SEO at DreamHost, “Starting an online business is difficult. There is no instruction manual. There is not a detailed set of instructions provided. Today, we are happy to unveil the first in a series of tools to advise and enlighten online entrepreneurs. We have embedded advice into our blog and the DreamHost Glossary to assist small companies, and today’s launch is the first item in this series.”

DreamHost offers small company owners a checklist of extra procedures and tips to get their companies off the ground once the business name has been selected and domain names have been purchased.

Their Business Name Generator is the first tool in a planned suite of applications that will be developed by DreamHost using the capabilities of artificial intelligence to assist small company owners in achieving success online.