Druva Launches Data Management-as-a-Service on AWS

Druva, a data management-as-as service platform unifying data protection, governance and intelligence across enterprise data, has announced the availability of Druva Cloud Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Snowball Edge. This solution would allow enterprises to freely move data between on-premises and cloud without the lock-in, complexity, and cost of legacy hardware.

AWS Snowball Edge is a data migration and edge computing device with 100TB of capacity and support for computing tasks via built-in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and AWS Lambda function capabilities.

“Transferring dozens of terabytes of data to the cloud can be an insurmountable challenge for companies located where internet bandwidth is at a premium,” said Steven Hill, senior analyst of storage technologies, 451 Research. “The new AWS Snowball Edge is designed for moving data at scale, and adds compute capabilities to its hardened, secure system for moving up to 100 TB to the cloud. With AWS Snowball Edge, Druva can offer a new model for data protection that’s tightly integrated with cloud migration capabilities.”

Flexibility, Security, Scalability

Druva is using AWS Snowball Edge’s “advanced” capabilities to facilitate a fast transition of data to and from the cloud. Enterprises get the benefits of workload mobility and the advantages of advanced cloud services like disaster recovery and replication – improving their overall business continuity SLAs without the need for dedicated appliances or secondary storage devices.

Pre-packaged with Druva’s cloud data management technology and delivered directly from AWS to the customer, organizations would experience a true as-a-service offering, simplifying provisioning and management, at no additional cost.

“Druva is building solutions that address the pressing data needs of enterprises today, while leveraging AWS’s flexibility, security, and scalability,” said Bill Vass, vice president, technology, storage, automation and messaging, Amazon Web Services (AWS). “With AWS Snowball Edge, Druva can further address key pain points organizations face as they continue their shift to the cloud, such as capital expenditures and current business data protection SLAs.”

Key Benefits of Druva on AWS Snowball Edge would include:

  • Plug and play workload mobility – With Druva on AWS Snowball Edge, “simply” apply backup policies and backup or restore directly to and from the device. With global de-duplication technology, only a single copy of data is stored – ensuring maximum storage on device.
  • Flexibility with no compromise to data protection – Once data has been migrated to the cloud, and if an organization decides to move to the direct-to-cloud model, customers can “simply” unplug the device and ship it back, with no interruption to their data protection service.
  • Ship petabytes securely – AWS Snowball Edge devices use tamper-evident enclosures, 256-bit encryption, and industry-standard Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) designed to ensure both security and full chain-of-custody for your data.
  • “Offered as-a-Service” at no additional cost – Procurement of AWS Snowball Edge is offered within the Druva Cloud Platform through the Phoenix Data Protection Service and is bundled in the Enterprise and Elite packages at no extra charge to customers.

“AWS Snowball Edge is fully supporting our platform, allowing customers to move large volumes of data to and from the cloud without the task taking up excessive amounts of time and bandwidth,” said Prem Ananthakrishnan, vice president of products, Druva. “Customers now have even greater flexibility in their mobility of data and are able to improve SLAs for business continuity purposes, all at no additional cost.”


Druva on AWS Snowball Edge is currently available via early access to Druva and AWS customers in North America. AWS Snowball Edge can be ordered by Druva customers directly through the Druva Cloud Platform and is shipped by Amazon Web Services, pre-configured, directly to customers.