Dubai-based Internet Exchange Announces Record Growth

Just one year after the launch of UAE-IX, this neutral Internet Exchange would already serve more than 20 networks in the Middle East region. Customers include global and regional players from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey. Recent new peers include STC and Vodafone Qatar.

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), UAE-IX is fully managed and operated by the DE-CIX in Frankfurt, one of the world’s leading Internet Exchange operators. UAE-IX’s customer base would now reach about 55% of all eyeballs in the GCC markets.

Powered by DE-CIX

UAE-IX was the first carrier-neutral Internet traffic exchange platform that interconnects global networks and, above all, network operators and content providers in the GCC region. The Internet Exchange is built on a fully redundant switching platform, making it a fast and cost-effective exchange point. First initiated by the UAE’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) and powered by DE-CIX, UAE-IX delivers a highly reliable regional ecosystem in which carriers can exchange traffic and establish settlement-free peering relationships.

The UAE-IX might be the partner of choice for a wide variety of providers, including access networks, cloud computing players, hosting providers and content delivery networks (CDNs).

Harald A. Summa, CEO for DE-CIX

“In the past, Internet content destined for the Middle East region was delivered through European Internet hubs,” said Harald A. Summa, CEO for DE-CIX. “Cloud computing and rich media content drives today’s traffic growth, demanding higher-quality content that is located close to the users to guarantee a great broadband experience. The TRA, the data center operators and UAE-IX together create an attractive environment to drive large content networks to the region, while access providers benefit from lower cost and improved broadband experience for their end-users.”