Durable functions in Python for Azure Functions | Azure Friday

David Justo joins Scott Hanselman to discuss durable functions in Python, which is an extension of Azure Functions for writing stateful functions in a serverless compute environment. The extension is already available for C# and JavaScript and is now available for Python.

0:00 – Introduction
1:38 – Overview of durable functions and patterns
7:13 – A few demos
16:41 – Discussion and wrap-up

◉ Create your first durable function in Python – https://aka.ms/azfr/666/01
◉ What are Durable Functions? – https://aka.ms/azfr/666/02
◉ Azure / azure-functions-durable-python on GitHub – https://aka.ms/azfr/666/03
◉ Create a long-running serverless workflow with Durable Functions – https://aka.ms/azfr/666/04
◉ Create a free account (Azure) – https://aka.ms/azfr/666/free

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Duration: 00:18:19
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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