Dutch Colocation Provider NLDC Partners With U.S. Cloud Broker Cloudwirx

NLDC, the colocation data center entity part of listed company KPN, is now partnering with Cloudwirx with the objective of bringing compelling cloud solutions to the market. Cloudwirx is a U.S. based procurement and systems integrator for data center and bandwidth infrastructure services, helping companies to source, build, and optimize their IT systems and networks.

Whether it’s for a start-up or Fortune 100 company, Cloudwirx would match enterprises with the right technologies, services, and suppliers, with the goal of decreasing costs while increasing the value-add of their IT systems.

Many Cloudwirx customers need an end-to-end solution consisting of both colocation and connectivity services in Europe, as their businesses continue to grow and expand in global reach. NLDC is one of the largest colocation providers in the Netherlands and has been part of the Dutch digital ecosystem from the very beginning.

KPN_NLDC_Data-Centers“We’re very pleased to become a Cloudwirx preferred supplier for data center services provided from the Netherlands,” said Claartje Mangert, Managing Director of NLDC. “As more and more businesses look to outsource their infrastructure services, the Netherlands – and in particular Amsterdam – has proven to be a strategic European hub from which to host business-critical IT systems. Cloudwirx regularly consults with clients to source the best combination of colocation and networking as a leader in their field. They have an impressive business network and proven success in dealing with complex and value-added data center opportunities. In addition, Cloudwirx will bring NLDC more exposure to business opportunities outside the Netherlands and Europe.”

Foothold in Europe

The Netherlands offers excellent connectivity, Internet exchanges, and a favorable business climate. Because of these advantages, a thriving digital ecosystem has emerged especially in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. With three data centers in this area, NLDC would be ideally suited to help companies from overseas to enter the European market or facilitate expansion for companies already operating in the Netherlands or Europe. The partnership with Cloudwirx would be mutually beneficial: it allows Cloudwirx to expand its foothold in the Dutch and European markets, while NLDC will be able to raise its profile in the U.S.

“We are extremely excited to partner with NLDC,” said Brian Fagan, Chief Sales Officer of Cloudwirx. “The NLDC and Cloudwirx relationship will allow us to improve diversity in our supply chain and offer our clients alternative cost-effective, secure solutions with a world-class data center provider.”

NLDC operates three data centers in the Amsterdam Metro Area and another three in the regional Internet hotspots Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and Groningen.