DigiState, a provider of web hosting, domain name registration and SSL certificates, based in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands with customers throughout Europe, has opened an office in Vilnius to expand its activities into Lithuania. DigiState is focused on offering its ecommerce specialization here. After doing some market research, DigiState found out there’s still room for the company in this specific market segment in Lithuania.

Marin Heideman
“By organizing a launch party this fall we want to make sure that the Lithuanian market gets to know us as a reliable provider of high-quality ecommerce web hosting,” said Marin Heideman.

Founded in 2007, DigiState’s main focus is on ecommerce and managed webshop hosting. In addition, DigiState offers services in the field of security, server management and VoIP. On top of serving customers in the domestic market in the Netherlands, DigiState also serves international customers throughout Europe, including Vos Logistics and 50plusmatch.

According to DigiState founder and owner Marin Heideman, Lithuania offers a lot of market potential, “Lithuania is not an unknown region for me. I’ve been coming here for four years now and I have developed good insights of the web hosting market and the players that are active in this particular market segment. We have commissioned a market study focused on the possibilities for offering ecommerce services. The study results confirm my view that there are still lots of opportunities in this Market niche n Lithuania. For example, there are only a few web hosting providers dealing with Magento websites in this country, something DigiState specializes in.”

As Mr. Heideman has been exploring the market in Lithuania for quite some time already, he claims to have built up an extensive business network. “As a result, I know with which local parties we can work together to offer our ecommerce focused web hosting services,” added Heideman. “Of course we will ensure that the quality of this service is just as high as our services being offered from the Netherlands.”

Marketing, Website, Data Centers, Provisioning

Preparations for DigiState’s Lithuanian operations are already in full swing. The website has been fully translated into Lithuanian and DigiState has opened its first office in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Marketing and PR activities are also coordinated from here while the company’s data center services are offered from Lithuania as well. DigiState works together with local parties to make it all happen. For the provisioning of web hosting services, DigiState has also entered into partnerships with Lithuanian data centers.

To support its start in the Lithuania market, DigiState will be organizing a launch party in Vilnius this fall. “By organizing an event we want to make sure that the Lithuanian market gets to know us,” added Heideman. “We therefore will invite prospects to this launch party to present DigiState to them as a reliable provider of high-quality ecommerce web hosting.”