Dutch Government Invests €615 Million in Quantum Technology

Part of an overall research and development investment plan of €1.35 billion, the Dutch government, through their National Growth Fund will invest €615 million in Quantum Delta NL. It’s a quantum technology program in which a large host of companies, universities and other knowledge institutions in the Netherlands are jointly working on further developing the capabilities and usage of quantum technology.

Quantum Delta NL has high-set ambitions. They want the Netherlands to become the knowledge center for quantum technology in Europe within the next few years. This should lead to 30,000 extra high-quality jobs in the Netherlands.

The investment plan provides for the necessary infrastructure, the ongoing development of quantum technology and its applications. Investments are also going into training, so that this new quantum technology-oriented sector in the Netherlands will soon have sufficient trained personnel at its disposal.

Artificial Intelligence

The Dutch artificial intelligence program AiNed has also heard that they will receive a significant amount from the €1.35 billion funding plan. By receiving 276 million, they should be well-equipped to accelerate the application of AI in the Netherlands. The focus would be on high-tech industry, mobility, logistics, energy, as well as healthcare. At the same time, this AI investment by Dutch government is intended to prevent a brain drain of talented AI scientists.

In August last year, U.S. government initiated more or less a similar program. The White House then announced a $1 billion investment to create twelve new research institutes focused on artificial intelligence and quantum computing. This investment should ensure that the U.S. remains globally competitive in the fields of AI and quantum technology.

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