Dutch Government Plans to Strictly Regulate Hyperscale Data Centers

In the Netherlands, the government is introducing stricter regulations for the construction of hyperscale data centers. Dutch government wants to halt the development of hyperscale data centers across the Netherlands as they take up too much space, which is quite scarce in the country.

It’s about data centers with a land area above 10 hectares and a power connection over 70 megawatts, which Dutch government says will henceforth be subject to stricter rules. It will also apply to hyperscale data center infrastructure which a corporation uses for its own services.

Dutch Minister Hugo de Jonge of Housing and Spatial Planning will look at how hyperscale data centers may only be permitted near wind energy landing spots on the coast if space is available. The government will collaborate with other government agencies, and varied interests will be considered. The legal structure will be worked up in collaboration with the other authorities. This will be enshrined in a Council Order (Algemene Maatregel van Bestuur) as well as decentralized rules.

Space and Energy

Minister Hugo de Jonge
“Our space is scarce so we must make the right choices,” said Minister De Jonge.

“Our space is scarce so we must make the right choices,” said Minister De Jonge. “Hyperscale data centers take up a lot of space and consume a disproportionate amount of sustainable energy. That is why the government wants to prevent the construction of hyperscale data centers throughout the Netherlands. This requires more national control by tightening the rules. Until the rules are in place, it has been decided to suspend new building applications and not to grant them for a period of nine months.”

Because of the previously decided sites Eemshaven and Middenmeer, Dutch municipalities of Het Hogeland and Hollands Kroon are exempt from the consequences of the preliminary decision. Furthermore, the directive excludes the establishment of a hyperscale data center in Zeewolde.