Dutch Managed Hosting Provider, Cyso, Implements A10 Networks Thunder ADC Solutions

Cyso, a managed hosting provider based in the Netherlands, has implemented new A10 Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solutions in order to increase the security capability for its clients. With this solution from A10 Networks, Cyso is anticipating the rapidly growing demand for SSL offloading in order to prevent cyber-attacks by means of secure connections.

Cyso is a managed hosting services service provider to clients with stringent requirements for the security of hosted web services, such as financial service providers and e-commerce companies.

“Last year the demand for SSL offloading grew strongly with our clients, because they want to prevent cyber criminals from hacking into their networks or installing malware by means of secure connections,” said Tjebbe de Winter, chief technology officer (CTO) and managing partner, Cyso. “In the delivery of web services, organizations always have to choose among the desired levels of safety, performance and price. We want to provide our clients with A+ SSL security and application security by investing in A10 Thunder ADCs.”

“Last year the demand for SSL offloading grew strongly with our clients,” said Tjebbe de Winter, CTO of Netherlands-based managed hosting provider, Cyso.

Cyso has redundant data centers in which A10 Networks ADCs control application performance, SSL offloading and WAF security. The total capacity available for this is delivered according to the clients’ needs as part of the managed hosting service. 

“Within just one year, the required computer power for coding and decoding network traffic by means of a single SSL connection has increased tenfold,” added Mr. De Winter. “At the same time, the use of SSL connections has greatly increased.”

If that number-crunching is carried out by web servers themselves, these servers would become more sluggish and possibly not accessible. Instead, Cyso chose to implement these specially developed ADCs. “From the time we installed our first A10 Networks ADCs, they have been working without the slightest problem,” added Mr. De Winter.

Founded in 2004, A10 Networks is headquartered in San Jose, California, and serves customers globally with offices worldwide.