The Team High Tech Crime of the police in the Netherlands has shared a letter with the Dutch hosting and cloud sector to warn against so called ‘bulletproof’ hosting resellers. The letter is accompanied by a list with the names of hosting resellers from abroad that should raise the eyebrows of Dutch hosting and cloud providers.

Some of the companies on the list even have ‘Bullet Proof’ mentioned in their name and website offerings. The Team High Tech Crime of the Dutch police stated in its letter the following:

We hope to help you with this list of hosting resellers, who on the surface web very openly tell about their services to cybercriminals.

It is possible that these resellers are the link between your company and a group that has the next ransomware victim already in their sights. In open sources, such as forums and rating sites for bulletproof hosting, after all, they often use ‘our’ (Dutch, ed.) digital infrastructure as a selling point.

In its letter to cloud and hosting providers, Dutch police continued with:

These parties give the Dutch hosting industry a bad name. They can also be the reason for extra work on your end. If they facilitate crimes through one of your servers we may have to come by to confiscate it, for example. That will cost time and money. In addition, legitimate customers may be affected. Are any of the individuals or companies on the list in your customer base? In that case, please review the agreement with this client. We ask for your help in banning these types of hosting intermediaries. They’re the key link to cybercrime.