Dyn and Cox Speak at Programmatic

Title: Cox Turns Programmatic Milliseconds into Millions with Internet
Performance Management from Dyn

Surpassing TV advertising spend for the first time, 2016 is a milestone year for Digital advertising. Online spend has increased from 33% of total ad spending in 2015 to a projected 45% by 2020. At the same time programmatic’s share is set to increase to 72% of total online spending by 2017. But as advertising goes online and programmatic scales, so does the complexity, congestion and volatility of the internet that underlies the online ad supply chain, and the content driving it. Inefficiencies in this chain add a tax to its participants, reducing programmatic ad revenues in the process despite impressive growth rates.

Dyn’s Scott Brazina and Cox’s Scott Siegler discuss how Cox has gained visibility of its programmatic supply chain and control connections between partners & infrastructure to reduce end-to-end latency in the bidding and ad serving cycle. Using Internet Performance Management (IPM) technology from Dyn, Cox has increased time available for ad decisioning & bidding, while lowering bid timeout and increasing fill rates. These latency reductions have lifted online ad revenue for Cox & Cox’s media partners all while delivering a superior consumer online media experience.

Duration: 43:19
Publisher: Dyn
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