Dyn Introduces Gauge, a Chrome Browser Extension That Brings Internet Performance To Users’ Browsers

Internet Performance Management (IPM) company, Dyn, has introduced Gauge – a Chrome browser extension that helps users around the world better manage their personal Internet performance. Gauge would bring unique Internet performance testing and analysis as a personal Internet Intelligence tool. 

Through Internet measurement techniques like Real User Monitoring, Dyn would be able to help users understand actual browsing performance as compared to geography and other users. Gauge is free and can be installed on a Chrome browser now via dyn.com/gauge.

To sum up, Gauge would allow users to:

  • Track Internet performance to specific websites as you browse
  • Obtain visibility into individual page performance
  • Determine where visited websites are hosted
  • See how Internet performance compares with others in different geographic locations 

Measuring and Analyzing Performance

Gauge allows a user to see the performance data associated with each page request, giving a snapshot into how quickly websites load in their browsers, with a more granular view based on the path of each request. Load times can help distinguish whether there are performance issues with the user’s network, ISP’s connection, or a particular website.

email delivery dynGauge also allows users to see the geographic location of the website they are accessing, which can help users evaluate their preference on continuing to utilize or share personal information depending on location.

The extension also features a Cloud Provider View that visualizes the latency between users and specific geographic locations of numerous cloud providers, updating every 5 minutes by default. Developers may find this information to be of use as they can now compare Websites, geo-locations and cloud providers in a unique new way. 

Comparison Across the Internet

Gauge is able to measure performance compared to the average time other users are experiencing around the globe. Users’ personal performance is averaged over 5 minute increments based on the timing collected from the sites they browse. Leveraging Dyn’s technology, Gauge is also able to provide global performance data so users can see how their personal performance stacks up against others browsing the same site.

Gauge provides data sets that would be richer and more comprehensive than traditional speed tests. It measures Internet assets all over the globe in a continuous manner, whereas speed tests are usually from a minimal set of locations at a point in time. Through these tools, users can begin to understand the level of performance of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), local networks and wifi connections. All user data is anonymized as Dyn is solely focused on applying this data to making the Internet more performant and secure.

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