Dyn, Red Hat, Etsy & Homeaway Talk Infrastructure

As part of Geek Summer Camp, Dyn VP of Engineering Chris Griffiths, Red Hat OpenShift Principal Architect/Operations Manager Mike McGrath, Etsy VP of Technical Operations Mike Rembetsy, and Homeaway Senior Manager of Infrastructure Operations Lenny Tropiano talked about a subject near and dear to their technical hearts: managing and controlling infrastructure.

About Dyn: http://www.dyn.com
About Mike M.: http://www.twitter.com/Michael_McGrath
About Mike R.: http://www.twitter.com/MRembetsy
About Lenny: http://www.twitter.com/inetnomad
About Chris: http://www.twitter.com/ctg1701

Duration: 27:19
Publisher: Dyn
You can watch this video also at the source.

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