DynECT Platform Active Failover from Dyn

Managed DNS at its best. Get cured today with Dynect Active Failover: http://activefailover.com

Last Thanksgiving, it seemed like any other day. Our site was running smoothly, operations seemed completely normal… that was until our server went down. For months after the outage, I was having trouble sleeping… then I asked my doctor about Active Failover.

When low DNS TTL’s and 24 hour System Admins aren’t enough to let you relax and sleep, Active Failover may help. While Network Operations teams worry about downtime, DynECT Active Failover has clinically been proven to help the IT world sleep. That’s with a historic 100% uptime.

Active Failover may not be for everyone. Active Failover requires using Dyn’s anycasted DynECT Platform. Active Failover can be used to resort to a backup server, a Twitter or Status Page. Side effects may include over sleeping, low stress levels, and too much uptime. Please consult with your doctor before using.

Ask your doctor, or better yet, contact Dyn sales (http://bit.ly/fgvhFG) about DynECT Platform Active Failover today.

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Publisher: Dyn
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