E-commerce UKFast Round Table Summary

UKFast hosts discussions with the UK’s leading entrepreneurs, asking the question “What are the key drivers for e-commerce in 2010?”

The UKFast round tables aim to unite business leaders to share advice and provide a wealth of ideas for other developing companies, like the latest drivers for e-commerce in 2010.

Business to business companies must look to monetise e-commerce through social networking in 2010, according to UKFast’s latest round table.

As Facebook’s global audience exceeds the 350 million mark, more and more companies have turned their attention towards social media as an effective way to combat marketing budget cuts. On the flip side, consumers are using social media as a way to demand more from companies with online forums a great source of feedback.

Poor connectivity and inferior infrastructures are however making it difficult for online businesses to expand overseas, according to the panel.

Despite the 2010 FIFA World Cup highlighting the potential of the South African market, UK e-commerce sites are struggling to take advantage abroad because of disproportionate technology.

Duration: 2:39
Publisher: UKFast
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