eApps Hosting Launches OnApp Powered Global CDN Service

eApps Hosting, a cloud hosting provider headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, has announced the availability of a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) service, designed to improve the speed of website load times and downloads for site users anywhere in the world. The eApps global CDN service runs on OnApp’s federated CDN platform.

cloud-hosting-providerOnApp’s CDN infrastructure combines a complete CDN software stack, which eApps Hosting has used to deploy CDN locations in its own datacenters; an intelligent global Anycast DNS service, which ensures content is delivered to each visitor from the best possible location; and access to a global network of CDN capacity that extends the eApps CDN service to locations all over the world.

The key benefits of the eApps CDN service would be:

  • Improved Site Visitor Retention – Site visitors increasingly abandon slow sites. CDN ensures that site speed is fast, for site visitors around the world.
  • Higher SEO Ranking – Search engines reward fast sites with higher placement in the search results.
  • Savings Through Reduced Resource Usage – By offloading much of the content delivery to locations on the CDN network, usage of RAM and CPU resources by the site itself is decreased.
  • Maximum Effectiveness Through Targeted Delivery – You can choose the geographic locations, and can restrict usage by Country and IP, or IP range, to ensure that content delivered through the CDN network is targeted for the users you want to reach.

eApps provides tools, documentation, and free start up assistance to ensure that the service is activated quickly and correctly. Customers have full visibility of their usage and billing details for the service via real-time reporting in their customer portal. eApps’ global CDN service is available to any website, including those that are not hosted with eApps Hosting. Prices vary by geographical location.

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