Eastwind Cloud Connectors Released to Analyze Activity from SaaS, IaaS and PaaS Providers Alongside On-premise and Virtual Networks

Eastwind Networks, a cybersecurity solutions and breach analytics cloud platform designed to provide visibility, forensics and incident response capabilities to enterprises, has announced the release of a new feature, Eastwind Cloud Connectors. This would enable Eastwind’s platform to analyze activity from SaaS, IaaS and PaaS providers alongside traditional on-premise and virtual networks.

The Eastwind Cloud Connectors work with Dropbox, Office 365 and G Suite with additional integrations coming soon.

eastwind networks“Organizations are transitioning their network and IT infrastructure to the cloud,” said Paul Kraus, CEO of Eastwind Networks. “But many organizations are evolving to the cloud without involving their security teams, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. Eastwind’s Cloud Connectors provide complete visibility to stay confident when transitioning and implementing cloud applications.”

Eastwind Networks’ Breach Analytics Cloud solution would provide complete visibility across the entire attack surface by collecting telemetry from hybrid environments, traditional and non-traditional networks, cloud software and infrastructure providers and off-premise users. The Eastwind Cloud Connectors work in tandem with the Breach Analytics Cloud to extend visibility during migrations or when running cloud technologies.

“As evidenced by AP10/Cloud Hopper, cloud services represent the next vector of cyber-attack that needs to be addressed,” said Robert Huber, Chief Strategy and Security Officer, Eastwind Networks. “Eastwind Networks’ solution extends visibility of your key cyber terrain from traditional networks into the cloud, addressing this new vector.”