Easynet Expands Hybrid Cloud Access Across the Globe

Easynet is expanding its enterprise cloud, Easynet Enterprise Cloud, further into Asia and the US, to enhance customers’ choice and flexibility. This launch follows customers’ requests for performance and regulatory compliance, as well as their preference for a single provider.

The availability of local hosting for applications would mean that businesses will experience an improvement in performance, faster provisioning and, with Easynet’s ample portfolio, a comprehensive range of solutions to match their specific requirements.

easynet-data-centersWith many clients having a global presence, Easynet is expanding its Enterprise Cloud with new platforms in Washington, Singapore and Sydney, to provide better performance, low latency and compliance, since businesses can decide where the data is stored and where it is supported.

Unified Communications

A recent independent survey commissioned by Easynet showed that businesses are gradually moving to hybrid cloud, and more so for those using an integrator, as this enables them to implement new technologies without costly upgrades. As a response to these customers’ needs, Easynet offers a single fully integrated solution which is hybrid by design.

“With the continued adoption of Unified Communications by companies on their cloud platforms, it is now paramount to offer low latency, which is improved with local hosting,” said Philip Grannum, Easynet’s Managing Director of Cloud, Hosting & UC Services, Easynet.

“Unlike other services such as traditional telephony, Unified Communications is an area that requires a single provider. We are responding to these market needs with a flexible and scalable solution, and with the levels of support that our customers are used to,” added Grannum. “We offer choice and transparency so our customers can select the right infrastructure for their applications and business needs and the desired level of service – wherever they are.”