Easyspace Launches New Range of Dedicated Servers

Glasgow-based web hosting company and domain name registrar Easyspace, which is part of UK cloud company iomart, has launched a new line of dedicated servers. These new dedicated servers would offer high performance, security and email stability.

dedicated-serversThe custom dedicated servers have a range of dual and quad core processors with up to 16GB of ECC Ready RAM and SSD OS Drives designed to give greater control. The server solutions are usually set up within 24 hours of purchase and access is via a full control panel, which provides monitoring and alerts as well as Reboots and KVMoIP requests.

“This new range of dedicated servers gives our customers the choice to have complete control and flexibility as opposed to having to share resources with others,” said Sarah Haran, managing director of Easyspace. “These servers offer high performance, security and email stability.”

Easyspace is part of one of the UK and Europe’s largest cloud hosting companies iomart Group, which provides compute, storage and connectivity to thousands of businesses from data centers at eight locations in the UK and a network of international Points of Presence (PoPs).