Eaton Unveils New DCIM Suite for Data Center Operations

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Catering to the growing need for robust data center management, Eaton, a global provider of intelligent power management company, has rolled out its new DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) portfolio. Aiming to ramp up uptime, elevate performance, and foster sustainability, this new portfolio is set to redefine how data center operators approach asset management and resource consumption.

The latest offering, integrated within Eaton’s Brightlayer Data Centers suite, has caught global attention as a pioneer in converging asset management, IT, and operational technology (OT) device monitoring, power quality analytics, and superior electrical oversight within a single native application.

Mike Jackson, Eaton’s Global Director of Product, Data Center, and Distributed IT Software, commented on the evolving landscape. “The days of point solutions meeting all of data center operators’ needs are numbered. In a world where operations span from core data centers to hyperscale, multi-tenant, and a multitude of edge locations, there’s a pressing demand for a holistic view of both IT and OT assets. Brightlayer addresses this gap. It’s a game-changer, offering a native application that not only manages a diverse range of infrastructure assets but also ensures effortless software integration and scalability to cater to growing operational demands.”

A recent study, titled ‘The intersection of digital transformation and the energy transition,’ sheds light on the progressive mindsets of data center operators. Commissioned by Eaton and executed by S&P Global Market Intelligence, the report underscores that 40 percent of these operators are harnessing digitalization to cut down energy costs. Additionally, over a third are identifying avenues to reduce waste, including heat and materials. With a rising trend of operators (46 percent) utilizing digital tools to measure performance against sustainability benchmarks, the industry is visibly steering towards a greener future.

UPSs, Switches, PDUs, Cooling Equipment

Digging deeper into the specifics, Eaton’s Brightlayer suite would stand out for its unmatched versatility. Beyond overseeing key site power management assets like UPSs, switches, PDUs, cooling equipment, and solar devices, the platform serves three distinct yet interconnectable solutions based on customer requirements:

  • Data Center Performance Management software – This offers comprehensive asset monitoring, delivering crucial trends, alerts, and reports. By adeptly managing resources like power, space, connectivity, and cooling, it promises optimized IT application uptime and economic feasibility.
  • Electrical Power Monitoring System software – This solution ensures real-time insight into a data center’s electrical framework, aiding in swift issue resolution and comprehension of resource utilization to realize sustainability goals.
  • Distributed IT Performance Management software – Catering to networked assets, irrespective of their vendor or location, this tool promises proactive fault identification and auto-corrective actions, all while being fortified with advanced cybersecurity measures.

Post-deployment, clients can expand functionality without the fuss of data migration or multi-software integration. Moreover, its compatibility with third-party software, including building management systems and IT service management applications, would empower organizations to amplify efficiency, data precision, and cost-effectiveness.

Eaton, founded in 1911, posted an impressive revenue of $20.8 billion in 2022 and boasts a clientele spanning over 170 countries.