eClinicalWorks Deploys Array Networks’ Flagship APV10650 Application Delivery Controllers

array-networks-application-delivery-controllerseClinicalWorks (eCW), a provider of ambulatory clinical systems, with a cloud hosting solution that enables physicians and other medical personnel to effectively access patient records from anywhere, has deployed Array Networks’ flagship APV10650 application delivery controllers to ensure high availability for consolidating cloud-hosted application infrastructure.

eCW deployed Array’s APV10650 appliances to scale SaaS offerings and accommodate growth while maintaining a secure, reliable and low-latency experience for its healthcare provider customers.

The APV10650 appliances allow eCW to ensure that applications remain available 24/7, individual servers are not overloaded, and if a server goes offline, traffic is rerouted to another available server. The APV load balances servers, offloads SSL secure transaction processing and supports of all of eCW’s SaaS offerings, including electronic medical records (EMR), practice management (PM), revenue cycle management (RCM), electronic health exchange (EHX), patient portals, mobile access and others.

Achieving redundancy

By placing Array APV10650 application delivery controllers in front of physical application servers, terminal servers and data base servers, eCW has achieved a level of redundancy that ensures its SaaS offerings will remain up and running in the event of hardware failure in the data center. In addition, providing redundancy at the logical level for each customer would ensure that each customer has high availability for their specific services and is not impacted by issues that may occur with other services within eCW’s points of delivery.

Array APV10650 application delivery controllers are high-performance traffic management appliances that support up to 120Gbps of throughput and up to 280K SSL transactions per second. Array Networks is headquartered in Silicon Valley and backed by over 300 employees worldwide.