EcoDataCenter to More Than Double Capacity in Its Wooden Colocation Facility

EcoDataCenter woodWith further investments, EcoDataCenter plans to more than quadruple the capacity of its EcoDataCenter 1 colocation data center in Falun, Sweden. Growing interest from businesses throughout the globe for this wooden data center construction and the company’s recent success in landing a significant international client are the main drivers for the new development.

“We have seen an unprecedented increase in demand for our services since AI exploded at the beginning of the year,” said EcoDataCenter CEO Peter Michelson.

The data center colocation provider and its owner, Areim, have raised around 620 million euros in capital throughout 2023 to support the business’s growth. The wooden data center will now be among one of the biggest in Sweden with an investment of 200 million EUR. With the first phase expected to be finished by Q3 2024 and the entire build out by Q2 2025, the data center expansion will more than quadruple the current colocation capacity. The facility will have a 45 MW total capacity after the expansion.

Falun Municipality

Recent success in acquiring a significant international colocation client and growing demand for environmentally friendly data centers are the causes of the expansion, stated EcoDataCenter. The colocation provider would be entering a new age marked by its achievement and the changing market conditions.

“For a company that opened its doors in 2019, signing the largest agreement of its kind in Sweden just four years later is an incredible achievement,” added Peter Michelson. “It’s a testament to the extraordinary work done by the team from the very beginning.”

The local municipality would benefit greatly from the data center development as well, as it will generate employment and need services to be supported. During the building phase, around 300 construction workers per day and about 30 permanent employment will be required.

It is clear that the municipality places a high value on this investment. “If we want to continue being a desirable location for enterprises, firms must be able to start and expand here,” said Falun Municipality’s Business Director, Linda Noren. “We are really honored to be a part of EcoDataCenter‘s journey.”

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