Ecommerce Hosting Provider Tenzing Launches Cloud-Based Cyber Security Service Powered by ZENEDGE

Tenzing, an ecommerce hosting and managed hosting services expert headquartered in Toronto, Canada, will offer its global ecommerce clientele Tenzing Security Shield, a managed cloud-based cybersecurity service powered by ZENEDGE.

With the size, frequency, and sophistication of cyber attacks growing each quarter, there is increased risk for financial and reputational damage for ecommerce businesses. Tenzing and ZENEDGE have joined forces to address this need to secure ecommerce sites from malicious attacks, while minimizing impact on performance and conversion.

managed-hosting-tenzing“ZENEDGE has combined cutting-edge cybersecurity with ease of implementation and monitored protection in a way that has not been done before,” said Chris MacLean, VP of Technology at Tenzing. ‘In ecommerce, where security and availability are paramount, the ZENEDGE solution provides a unique value proposition and delivers significant demonstrable value to our customers.”

Tenzing Security Shield – powered by ZENEDGE, is a comprehensive solution that is designed to protect ecommerce businesses against vulnerabilities, satisfy the PCI-DSS 3.1 requirement 6.6 through the included Web Application Firewall, and protect against volumetric and application-layer distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, while ensuring conversion thanks to accelerated application delivery capabilities built-in to the platform.

magento-hosting“Forward-thinking ecommerce hosting providers like Tenzing are working to ensure the best performance and best protection for their customers, leveraging the capabilities available to them in the market,” said Yuri Frayman, CEO at ZENEDGE. “Tenzing’s selection of ZENEDGE for this strategic partnership is further validation of our cybersecurity platform, our extensive set of features, and our unparalleled quality of service.”

Tenzing deploys, manages and optimizes software and infrastructure for leading commerce platforms from partners such as Oracle, Hybris, Magento, and IBM. With offices and customers in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, Tenzing is regularly recognized as a high-growth company. Tenzing also partners with Amazon for the global delivery of managed commerce services on AWS Cloud.

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