eCommerce Segmentation: Using a Data-Driven Approach to Optimize Your eCommerce Store

Bit Ninja

The only way to see sustained revenue growth in your eCommerce store is by using data to make informed decisions. The top 5% of your customers could potentially be driving up to 3x the normal Average Order Value. Wouldn’t you want to know this – and better yet – treat these customers differently and get more sales? Chris Lema, VP of Products and Innovation at Liquid Web shows you how.

You’ll Learn:

1. How to step away from averages and focus on segmentation
2. Why the customer’s journey matters – and what it tells you about them
3. How to find the most profitable segments and target them with better messaging
4. The top six segments you need to consider – and what you can do with them

Duration: 41:57
Publisher: Liquid Web
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