Edge Computing Startup Macrometa Raises $20M in Series A Funding

Global data network and edge computing services provider, Macrometa, has announced the closing of a $20 million series A funding round. The company was able to raise such a huge amount just after eight months of raising $7 million in the seed round. The total funding of Macrometa has come to $29 million with the latest round since the establishment of the company in 2017.

Web and cloud-native developers get the ability to build and run event-driven, transformative, concurrent, data-heavy, and serverless cloud applications all around the world over an expansive network of 175 edge locations with Macrometa.

Macrometa says it has emerged as the first choice for global enterprise customers, web-scale SaaS, web service providers, and 5G telecom providers. These clients use Macrometa to integrate real-time NoSQL databases, instant query stream analytics, and search functionality to various applications and API backends. Macrometa is also working on a strategy to use the recently generated funding to boost its feature development and customer acquisition, and collaborate with Cloud, CDN, and Telecom providers to enhance customer success efforts.

The latest fundraising round was led by Pelion Venture Partners with participation from existing investors like Fusion Fund, DNX Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV), Sway Ventures, and Partech Partners.

Macrometa GDN

Photo Co-founder and CEO Chetan Venkatesh
[PHOTO CAPTION:] “Macrometa’s mission is to make every developer a hero by enabling them to build and instantly run globally distributed, real time applications,” said co-founder and CEO Chetan Venkatesh.
The Global Data Network (GDN) of Macrometa is a combination of globally distributed NoSQL, a latency stream data processing engine, and functions as a service runtime, all merged together like an elastic, simple, and serverless cloud. The GDN would allow developers to build rich data-driven APIs and cloud applications that run over 175 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) mushrooming around the world.

The mean round trip time (RTT) for a user on their laptop or smartphone to Macrometa’s edge cloud and back is less than 50 milliseconds globally. With one of a kind direction, Macrometa claims it is all set to revolutionize edge computing by allowing enterprise developers to go beyond the constraints of centralization, geography, and latency by being able to create and run cloud applications over hundreds of regions concurrently. According to Macrometa, this can be done at a minute part of the cost and time required for creating a single region and single cloud provider-hosted application.

CEO’s Take

Co-founder and CEO at Macrometa, Chetan Venkatesh, stated that Macrometa is working on its mission to make every developer a hero by allowing them to build and run globally distributed, real-time applications. He further added that Macrometa serves as a completely loaded data infrastructure purpose created to solve current and emerging challenges that these enterprises encounter with serving apps and data globally.

Mr. Venkatesh concluded by saying that the world deserves a better cloud and developers need a new platform to build data-intensive applications that serve global customers in times where data is a geopolitical challenge along with being a security and technical challenge.

Macrometa is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with operations in Bulgaria and India.