EdgeCast’s CDN Helps Indianapolis Colts Stream Live Content to Fans Worldwide

indianapolis-colts-cdnVIDEO – Providing a steady stream of high quality content to fans is a key part of Indianapolis Colts’ engagement strategy. That’s why the Colts, as one of the first NFL teams is pushing its content through EdgeCast Networks’ Content Delivery Network (CDN) across multiple platforms and devices to engage fans anywhere, anytime.

EdgeCast Network’s live streaming capabilities would help the Colts deliver premium content across multiple screens, regardless of device or location, with superior performance.

“We truly believe that this is a year round sport,” said Stephanie Pemberton, the Colts’ senior director of marketing. “We understand that the actual season happens within a span of a few months, but keeping our fans engaged year round is so important.”

Content Delivery Network EMEA

“Sports franchises and sports marketers like the digital media team at the Colts realize they can stay connected to their fans year-round by creating immersive online experiences that are not possible with traditional media,” said Anthony Citrano, vice president of communications and marketing at EdgeCast Networks. “We’re excited to help them deliver superior experiences.”

CDN supplier EdgeCast, headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, recently added a London office, enhancing the company’s EMEA sales engineering group, and servicing the many EdgeCast Content Delivery Network customers located in EMEA.

VIDEO – See for yourself what the Colts have to say about the CDN solution being delivered:

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