Elastic Meetup with Lumiata

Indexing The World Into Elasticsearch by Elastic’s Tal Levy

This meetup talk will dive into Elasticsearch’s Geo features and demonstrate how to use them to build a location-based search application.

Tal Levy is a Logstash developer based in Mountain View, CA. Tal joined Elasticsearch from Quixey where he worked on data systems built with Kafka and Hadoop. When he is not click-clacking on keyboards, you can find him cycling and climbing.

Elasticsearch at Lumiata by Lumiata’s CEO and Founder, Ash Damle

As the healthcare landscape shifts, the sloth of legacy systems won’t help healthcare organizations remain competitive and efficient. Most systems today are unable to handle the complexity and multidimensional nature of health data. At Lumiata, we believe that specific applications of artificial intelligence can solve the health data challenge, and drastically improve organizations’ power of predictability, personalization and automation.

In this talk, Ash Damle discusses how Lumiata uses Elasticsearch as a key infrastructure component to support its machine learning, ETL and data visualization – all of which are core aspects of delivering AI-driven analytics to large insurance companies and hospital systems.

Ash Damle as the Founder and CEO of Lumiata, he drives the company’s mission of leveraging medical AI to power more precise risk and care management. At Lumiata, Ash has pioneered a first-of-kind medical graph based on current scientific research and clinical practice. The Lumiata Medical Graph combines multi-sourced health data with medical knowledge, analyzes the complex relationships between them, and provides precise, clinically-relevant, auditable analytics in real-time. Ash is a technologist and data scientist deeply rooted in the application of big data to health and its intersection with design, and has worked with organizations in the United States, China, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, India and Japan. Over the last 15 years, he has researched, built and applied AI technologies with leading institutions and organizations, including the UCLA AI and Robotics Lab, MIT’s AI Lab, the MIT Media Lab, the US Navy and NASA. Ash graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in both Computer Science and Mathematics, has published numerous papers, and has received patents in real-time unstructured semantic analysis.


Duration: 1:22:41
Publisher: Elastic
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