Elastic Talk @ OSCON 2017- On scaling a distributed engineering team

Title: From 15 to 250: Scaling a distributed, open source engineering team

Speakers: Suyog Rao (Elastic), Michael Basnight (Elastic)

Original Talk was presented on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Track: The Business of Open Source: From Project to Product

Level: Non-technical

Who is this presentation for?
VPs of engineering, directors of engineering, engineering managers, human resources directors, and those in recruiting

The Elastic engineering team is made up of about 250 employees spread across more than 10 teams over 30 countries—it’s been distributed since day one. And Elastic, the company behind the OSS projects Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats, has been open source since day one as well.

Suyog Rao and Michael Basnight explore how the engineering team has evolved as the company has grown, how the team works and communicates effectively across all time zones, the tools it uses, and how decisions are made. Suyog and Michael also discuss the core values the team has defined and redefined at different stages of growth and how the team identified and communicated those values and cover the team structures that work well, how to hire, and balancing open source and commercial development.

Topics include:

-Scaling a primarily open source engineering team from 15 to 250 in four years
-Asynchronous and real-time communication and when to use what
-Hiring and onboarding open source and distributed teams
-Avoiding silos and ways to promote cross-functional collaboration
-Balancing open source and commercial development
-Professional development and career growth

Duration: 42:36
Publisher: Elastic
You can watch this video also at the source.

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