ElasticHosts Launches SSD-powered Cloud Servers With Auto-Scaling Technology

cloud-serversElasticHosts, a global provider of cloud servers headquartered in London, UK, has launched new SSD-powered cloud servers with usage-based billing. The new server are equipped with ElasticHosts’ auto-scaling “container” technology which elastically expands and contracts to meet customer demands, entirely eliminating the need for manual provisioning.

“We’ve analyzed hundreds of cloud servers from some of our largest customers,” said Richard Davies, CEO and Co-Founder of ElasticHosts. “A server which frequently runs below its peak capacity, either due to idle periods or because it only occasionally needs to handle a large load, can save 75% or more. To help customers take full advantage of these savings, we are billing in 15 minute intervals based on usage, as opposed to the common industry practice of hourly billing based on available capacity.”

Key features of the container technology based cloud servers include:

  • Usage-based billing system – By billing for actual usage, rather than available capacity, customers can run their servers with space continuously available for immediate scaling at no additional cost; they only pay for what they actually use, right down to the MB.
  • Auto-scaling for continuous high performance availability – By using Elastic Containers, companies can handle all their usage peaks and troughs effortlessly, automatically scaling each container up to 64GB RAM. This provides peace of mind that capacity will be instantly available when needed, ensuring continuity of service.
  • Self-managing infrastructure – ElasticHosts’ auto-scaling, elastic infrastructure expands and contracts automatically, completely removing the need for manual management or provisioning.

ElasticHosts is a global provider of cloud hosting services offering traditional virtual machines, managed cloud servers and reseller programs. The company has thousands of customers in over 60 countries worldwide, and has 9 data centers located in UK, Europe, US, Canada, Asia and Australia.