ElasticON EMEA: The Search for Relevance with Vector Search

Many search applications have been built with Elastic’s rich set of information retrieval and ranking tools. Vector search ushers in a new era of search experience. One where queries don’t have to include specific keywords and semantic search applies not only to text, but also images and audio. Vector similarity unlocks new ways of intelligent discovery, such as recommendation engines in ecommerce and question-answering using transformer models. Since the 8.0 release, Elastic has fully embraced support for vector search and NLP, with approximate nearest neighbor search and importing pretrained PyTorch models. With Elastic, begin with traditional retrieval techniques, apply vector search where it matters, and get the best of both worlds by combining vector and traditional search.

Learn more about Vector Search: https://www.elastic.co/what-is/vector-search
Take a deeper dive into Elastic Search solutions: https://www.elastic.co/enterprise-search

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