Elasticsearch and MongoDB Data Connector

Rackspace has rolled out some great new features for Elasticsearch and MongoDB. Join us as we chat with our engineers from Object Rocket, fresh from their time at ElastiCon.

Episode 135 : Elasticsearch and MongoDB Data Connector

Recorded Live: 2-25-2016

Alan Bush: @AlanBush – Rackspace Community Manager
Drew Cox: @DrewCoxSA – Rackspace Enterprise Technical Advisor
Keith Higbee: @KeithHigbee – Senior Manager, Software Development, ObjectRocket

What is Elasticsearch (4:42)
Why do we need a Data Connector (6:38)
Kibana data visualization (9:54)
Customer outcomes (12:33)
Benefits of reusing data (18:52)
Access timeline (21:10)
Using Kibana for visualizations (22:58)
Understanding your data (25:07)
Value in early adoption (28:52)
Rackspace/ObjectRocket’s expertise (32:25)
Other Data Connectors (37:37)
Internet of Things (39:11)
Migrating from Parse (40:45)
ObjectRocket is hiring (41:27)


Getting Started with Data Connectors for MongoDB and Elasticsearch

Duration: 00:44:26
Publisher: Rackspace
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